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Peter Panholzer the founder of DynexCorp, specialises in investible manager baskets in close collaboration with Deutsche Bank London. A Canadian citizen, he originally hailed from Vienna where he worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency, as band leader, press photographer, publisher, and architectural historian specialising 19th century architecture, before obtaining his diploma in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Vienna. In 1971 moved to Canada and rubbed elbows with three of the most prominent architects in Toronto, then changed tack and earned his initial laurels in the investment field with Conti Canada, a subsidiary of Continental Grain Company by introducing currencies as an investible asset class in 1979. His Magnum Program was offered worldwide from Conti's branch in Lugano, Switzerland where he lived for the next four years. In 1984 he joined E.F. Hutton & Company Inc., in London Mayfair. In 1992, after founding DynexCorp with offices in Geneva and moving to Monaco, began a string of advisory relationships with Japanese pension funds, Kodak pension fund and proprietary departments of Scandinavian and Swiss banks. His current activity started in 2005 when DynexCorp was accepted by Deutsche Bank on its db Select platform. In 2014 DynexCorp, now a family owned entity, signed as principal party to a 7-Year Total Return Swap facing Deutsche Bank. Peter currently divides his time between the UK, Switzerland and Monaco.


Marlene Harrison, Partner, passed the Canadian Securities Examination required for registration with Ontario Securities Commission and the Toronto Futures Exchange, and gained experience as account executive and stock index portfolio manager at Bache Securities, Toronto, Canada; Walwyn, Stodgell, Cochran, Murray, Toronto, Canada; E.F.Hutton & Co, London, UK; and Refco Futures Canada Ltd, before co-founding DynexCorp in 1992, contributing to its success with family capital and the introduction of a long string of advisory relationships with Japanese pension funds, Kodak pension fund and proprietary departments of Scandinavian and Swiss banks. Marlene was previously also a partner in Currency Bulletin, a currency advisory service provided by John Percival, former Lex Columnist at the FT and, between 1985 and 1995, a highly successful currency manager at Chescor, London, UK, at that time managing in excess of $500 million.

Jeffrey Boyko, DynexCorp Client Liaison, is a Professional Engineer and a Chartered Financial Analyst with membership in the CFA Institute. He is also an affiliate member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Jeffrey has been a part of DynexCorp since 1997, first in the United States, then in Europe, and currently in the United States. He has been instrumental both as a trader as well as in a marketing and client liaison capacity. Jeff is lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Jennifer and two children. He is a Director of DynexCorp as well as president of Castle Currency Management, an affiliated company of DynexCorp which focuses on hedging currency risk for corporations. He also created a Canadian onshore fund, Castle Alpha Fund, whose returns will derive from DynexCorp’s Ironstone Algo Investible Custom Index.