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IRONSTONE Investible Index

30 years of researching investment manager indices, 15 years of collaboration with Deutsche Bank and 6 years of funded index construction provide the background for DynexCorp's finely tuned, algorithmic index composition mechanisms. Dynex Ironstone Algo PLUS Investible Index relies an improved algorithm.
Portable Liquid Alpha

Liquidity: Investible indices are portable liquid alpha: index components are notionally funded. Liquidity is DAILY. Transparency: IRONSTONE is not a fund, but an index, held passively, combining the performance stream of its components. Deutsche Bank takes on the liquidity risk, holds the collateral, and offers a maximum loss limit.
Investible Index Research

Research Basis: An increasing daily database of over 300 managers on the db Select platform starting in 2004. Low Cost and Flexibility: Managers Deutsche Bank's dbSelect platform comprise Managed Futures, Global Macro, Fixed Income and Currencies, and typically agree to a reduced fee structure. Index recompositions arise without bid/ask cost.

IRONSTONE - PLUS - Investible Index
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