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passive index investment overlay to any portfolio

IRONSTONE Investible Index
spontaneous access to Deutsche Bank dbSelect

Liquidity Transparency
pure alpha from passively holding an investible index

Investible Index Research
30 years of researching investment manager indices, 15 years of collaboration with Deutsche Bank and 6 years of funded index construction provide the background for DynexCorp's finely tuned, algorithmic index composition mechanisms. Dynex Ironstone Algo PLUS Investible Index relies an improved algorithm. Index components are notionally funded. Unfunded versions available. Liquidity is DAILY.
Transparency: IRONSTONE is not a fund, but an index, held passively, combining the performance stream of its components. Deutsche Bank takes on the liquidity risk and offers a maximum loss limit.
Research Basis: An increasing daily database of over 300 managers on the db Select platform starting in 2004. Low Cost and Flexibility:Deutsche Bank's dbSelect comprises Managed Futures, Global Macro, Fixed Income and Currencies with reduced fee structure. Index recompositions arise without bid/ask cost.
IRONSTONE - PLUS: updated daily IRONSTONE Investible Index  (4MB)
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IRONSTONE - High Beta: updated daily
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