List Of P(B)AN(N)HOLZ Place Names According to Mr Harald Desoye of the Austrian Central Statistical Office (Statistisches Zentralamt) in Vienna, the following geographical Panholz (or Bannholz) place names exist in Austria:

Map Ref Village Province Pol. District Postal Code Municipality (Parish)
1 Panholz N.Ö. Melk 31551 Texingtal
2 Panholz N.Ö. Krems Land 31333 Eggendorf-Paudorf
3 Panholz O.Ö. Perg 41105 Grein
4 Panholz O.Ö. Perg 41104 Gassen
5 Panholz O.Ö. Perg 41108 Bad Kreuzen
6 Panholz O.Ö. Rohrbach 41304 Altenfelden
7 Panholz O.Ö. Rohrbach 41338 Sarleinsbach-Weißgraben
8 Panholz O.Ö. Schärding 41417 St.Ägidi-Panholz
9 Panholz Bgld. Mattersburg 10613 Sieggraben-Bohnholz
A Bannholz V. Bregenz 80240 Wolfurt
B Bannholz V. Landeck 70604 Fließ
C Bannholz Osttir. Lienz 70720 Strassen

Mrs Renate Isambert of the Austrian Central Statistical Office (Statistisches Zentralamt) in Vienna found several more Hofnamen (ie names of rural estates):

Map Ref Village Province Pol. District Postal Code Municipality (Parish)
a Panholz N.Ö. Neunkirchen 31843 Wart
b Panholz N.Ö. Neunkirchen 31840 Thomasberg
c Panholz N.Ö. Wr.Neustadt 32315 Krumbach
d Panholz N.Ö. Waydhofen/Ybbs 30301 Waydhofen/Ybbs
e Panholz O.Ö. Perg 41119 St.Georgen/Walde
a Panholz O.Ö. Freistadt 40603 Gutau

N.Ö. Lower Austria province
O.Ö. Upper Austria province
Bgld. Burgenland province
V. Vorarlberg province
Osttir. East Tyrol province

Mr Peter Eichfuß of the Statistical Bureau of Baden-Württemberg indicated to me the only three hamlets by the name of Bannholz to be found in Germany (and one in in the principality of Liechtenstein). There may be more rural estates by that name, but according to German law they may not be legally recognized. So the number of Bannholz places in Germany may be somewhat understated.

W Bannholz Liechtenstein Vaduz
X Bannholz Bayern Kreis Freyung/Grafenau Freyung Stadt
Y Bannholz Baden-Württemberg Kreis Waldshut Weilheim
Z Bannholz Hessen Kreis Main-Taunuskreis Hofheim am Taunus

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