Related Spellings Of The Name Panholzer

The following related family names can be found (in order of frequency):

  • Bannholzer
  • Banholzer first found 1372 in Württemberg
  • Panhorst received guest book entry by Phyllis Lanza Panhorst and Terry Panhorst (Oxford, Mississippi)
  • Pannhorst
  • Panhofer the l and the old way of writing z with a lower extension, if written fast, could easily be mistaken for an f
  • Panhölzl diminutive form - when the forest was small !?!
  • Banhard(t) first found in 1281 in Württemberg
  • Barnholtz
  • Bonholzer
  • Bonhorst
  • Bonhag Wayne Thompson Bonhag (of Lebanon, NH, USA) wrote: My father is Charles Vincent Bonhag, son of Valentin Bonhag, who came from Germany in 1903+/-. My father traced our lineage back using his knowledge of the family name at one time to Hamburg, Germany in the late 1400's.
  • Banholczer mutation from Banholzer migrated to Hungary (communicated by Andreas Banholczer, University of Marburg, Germany)
  • Panholchyk mutation from Panholzer migrated to the Ukraine (Olena Panholchyk was 1996 Olympic Yachting Gold Medalist : Women's 470 Double-Handed Dinghy)

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